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  Name: Miss Zhang

  Sex: Female

  Date of Birth: 1982-04-28

  National: Han

  Height: 160 Weight: 55

  Origin: in Shaanxi Province

  Current location: Liaoning Province

  Education: Undergraduate

  Political landscape: members

  Graduate institutions: the Inner Mongolia Normal University

  Graduation Time: July 2005

  Studies by category: Arts

  Professional Name: Advertising

  Educational background / training experience

  From September 1989 to July 1995 the first primary school in Baotou Railway

  In September 1995 in July 2001 the first secondary school in Baotou Railway

  September 2001 -2005, Inner Mongolia Normal University in July in Academy of Fine Arts in Advertising professional bachelor\'s degree

  March 2002 -20036 Chaoyi on a computer to participate in the design of training

  * Proficiency in Photoshop / pagemark / CorelDraw / Illustrator and other graphic design software and office automation software

  By the third-class scholarship 2001-2002

  Xuejin won a Class Two award 2003-2004

  Professional and specialty:

  Foreign Languages: English language: good

  Computer capability: the degree of proficiency in Putonghua: General

  Presentation and other professional expertise

  The basis of good art and aesthetic perception;

  Master various types of design software and computer office automation software;

  He has served on a job during the Great New Smart Group, Shenyang Friendship Shopping Center, the East, such as home building materials supermarket of more than large enterprises with better planning ability to communicate market research organizations and newspapers, television and other media skills;

  A certain degree of social experience, social skills and entrepreneurial spirit of the tradition of hard work.

  Quite fun to e-commerce, Taobao shop part-time amateur, the completion of distribution alone, the whole process of shipping.

  Another studied Tourism Management (Hotel Management) focus on professional courses;

  University of compulsory and optional courses in English, the national policy and the theory of the ideological self-cultivation, military training, sports (1-4), Marxist philosophy, the theory of Deng Xiaoping, Mao Zedong Thought, and military theory, the computer and the first, the legal basis of modern weapons, graduation Health and employment guidance

  Professional courses by the color (1), design, art words, drawings (1), Sketch (1), structural drawings, color photo, graphic composition, three-dimensional composition, color composition, font design (1-2), packaging design ( 1-3), computer entry, layout design, graphics and logo design, technical art history, computer design (1-3), performance techniques, book binding, advertising design (1), illustrator, VI design, advertising design (POP ), printing, display, advertising budget, advertising and other marketing

  Elective professional decorative painting, folk art, interior design, art Studies, foreign art history, calligraphy and inscriptions, such as compile


  By the third-class scholarship 2001-2002

  Xuejin won a Class Two award 2003-2004

  Bachelor\'s degree on 2005.7

  Personal practice, work experience

  Hohhot 2001.11.10-2001.11.11 a well-known market research company the Department of Dairy investigators

  Organizations to assist in marketing new products to complete a listing of market research, the questionnaire to take the form of individual satisfaction and product professional research summary of the issue; Although the practice of short-term activities, the first time asked me to contact the market and realized that between the competition and marketing of Micronesia can not be separated. Recognizing the importance of the investigation;

  2006.3.6-date Liaoning Shenyang world marketing plan intended to Chi Co., Ltd.

  Have served as graphic design, media manager, gift purchases, such as a wide range of duties and leadership have been recognized by colleagues, making at school to learn a deeper knowledge and understanding of sublimation, the long-term service to the new Smart Group, friendship, shopping, Oriental homes and other large well-known enterprises, can at all times from the customer point of view, understanding of customer needs, participate in advocacy, planning of marketing activities, alone with the television, newspapers and other media of communication and reach a consensus. Of shopping malls, retail has its own awareness.

  In addition to great taste of e-commerce, Taobao has set up shop part-time can be independently Distribution, sales and other aspects of the work.

  Job intentions

  Job type: Full-time monthly salary requirements: Negotiable

  I hope the job candidates: candidates other positions in higher education: planning the Record

  Hope that the working place: at other duty stations in Shaanxi Province: Xi\'an


  Countries have received formal education institutions, with better quality of art and artistic skills, work in accordance with the design of the company\'s need for production, marketing organizations in the business planning activities, some media work experience, good communication and expression, a certain affinity, you can efficiently complete the work. Have a better sense of team.

  Life I am a cheerful personality, proactive, good at communication, reading and music-loving girl! Have always believed that "a good concept, good habits, good behavior, a better fate."

  Like the challenge of their own work, hope to be a room for the development of the industry has the potential to grow their own

  Thank you for your busy schedule to give my attention to the

  The cause of success would like your organization, achievements, and wish you the cause of white scale success in the future!

  I hope that the leadership can be taken into account for me, I eagerly look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!



  姓 名: xuexila

  性 别: 男

  出生年月: 1989.2.3

  联系电话: 13xxxxxxxxx

  学 历: 本科

  专 业: 新闻传播学

  工作经验: 1

  民 族: 汉

  毕业学校: XX大学

  住 址: 广州市天河区

  电子信箱: Service



  具备良好的文字表达能力,擅长各种文案的撰写,熟悉各类文字的表现形式; 在企业文化建设方面有非常丰富的实战经验;



  目标职位: 文案策划、新闻传播

  目标行业: 传媒行业

  期望薪资: 2000—3000

  期望地区: 广州、深圳

  到岗时间: 随时


  2012年6月 有限公司 文案策划





  2012年3月 文案策划







  2008年9月 - 2012年7月 学 本科






  姓  名:XX

  国籍: 中国

  目前所在地: 广州

  民族: 汉族

  户口所在地: 广州

  身材: 158 cm 45 kg

  婚姻状况: 未婚

  年龄: 22 岁


  人才类型: 普通求职

  应聘职位: 文案策划专员

  工作年限: 1

  职称: 初级

  求职类型: 均可

  可到职日期: 随时


  希望工作地区: 广州


  公司名称: 瑞典普斯汤姆有限公司


  公司性质: 中外合资所属行业:商业服务

  担任职务: 策划部文案专员

  工作描述: 1.按策划方案以及上级的创意理念形成文案;






  毕业院校: 广东松山职业技术学院


  毕业日期: 2013-07-01

  所学专业一: 经济管理系物流管理



  外语: 英语 良好

  国语水平: 优秀

  粤语水平: 优秀



  另外,懂得操作基本的photoshop图像制作软件,microsoft office系列办公室自动化软件,熟悉应用文写作和基本的 英语 交流。







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